Telecom/Fiber Optics/SAFT

SAFT – Safety Asset Utilization Fiber Optic Technology
"S" is for Safety – A bedrock foundation of each of the aspects of our Program (pronounced "safety"). Without safe performance – both personal and facility (i.e. damage prevention) – in field operations, our program could not continue to exist and grow.
"A" for Asset Utilization – Existing wireless sites utilized in our rail operations, initially for fiber carrier maintenance radios to maintain the foregoing systems, but later for all types of wireless applications and now including the build-to-suit tower business.
"F" for Fiber Optic Systems – Our program began June 28, 1984, with the first agreements for the placement of longitudinal fiber optic systems within our rail rights of way.
"T" for Technology – Our proprietary Precision Measurement Vehicle technology aids in fiber system engineering design and verifies the location of installed facilities within our rights of way. It also has been adapted to operate off-rail as well. This technology includes GPS location – a key to overcoming the shortcomings of "as-built drawings" with accurate location data.